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Current Projects

Current Nonprofit Projects

Currently, our nonprofit projects involve building schools for Haitian children, as well as providing access to education, healthcare, potable water, and proper nourishment. We are committed to improving the quality of life of every child we come across. As we continue to expand our reach and bring critical supplies to areas of need, we hope to make a lasting impression on the lives of those throughout the region. Our ongoing projects are targeting the Schools of St. Martin De Tours in Delatte and La Vallee de Jacmel in Haiti.

Meeting Critical Needs

More than 3,000 children throughout the area lack access to essential resources, whether it be clean water, food, or education. That's why our primary goals revolve around bringing these much-needed provisions to the most affected locations. Our programs focus on constructing the right buildings and distributing books and other school materials so that these children who might not normally have these opportunities can receive the education that children around the world experience.

Children of Haiti